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Recommended Financial Calculators

IRS Federal Tax Withholding Calculator
Help employees determine the amount of income tax that should be withheld from their pay.

Yahoo! Tax Calculators
Tool estimates your withholding and tax savings.

MSN Money: Tax Estimator
Crunch the numbers.

MSN Money: Deduction Finder
Discover hidden deduction opportunities.

Quicken.com: Tax Estimator
Use this calculator to estimate how much you'll owe under Bush's proposed tax plan.

Quicken.com: Tax Calculators for Investors
Calculators for investors, including ones to determine what capital gains taxes you owe and how much you'll save by contributing to a 401k.

Estate Tax Calculator
Estimate how much estate tax you will pay.

Nanny Tax Calculator
This tool computes payroll tax withholdings, estimates employer tax amounts, and allows you to print a pay stub to give your employee.

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